What Happens to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply Nail Polish

What Happens to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply Nail Polish?

Nail polish and its effects on the body is ignored by many people. In fact, even the foremost health-conscious people fail to think about how nail varnish impacts their bodies. But, things are near to amendment although, given a recent study that reveals some quite alarming facts.

What are the analysis shows

Not long past, a team of researchers tested for signs of chemical toxins in twenty-four volunteers. They found signs in everybody, and most shockingly, the supply of those toxins was nail polish!

It was found that one hundred percent of the participants exhibited signs of triphenyl phosphate 10 hours when applying nail varnish. in an exceedingly follow- up study, an identical team of researchers tested 10 nail polishes for this chemical and located it in eight of them. Two of the nail polishes that were tested completely didn’t disclose it on the label.

This means that up to twenty percent of nail polishes on the market are doubtless to contain a prejudicial chemical that isn’t disclosed on the product`s label as associate degree ingredient.

What is Triphenyl Phosphate?

Triphenyl phosphate (or PHP) is understood to disrupt humans’ system that controls all hormones. Head investigator, Dr. Heather Stapleton, said: “There is growing proof suggesting that TPHP might have an effect on endocrine regulation, metabolism, copy, and development.”
This is particularly prejudicial for young women use nail varnish on a daily basis as their healthy development on the hormonal level is very necessary and important for their growth. But, PHP could be a serious threat to anyone else who uses it, too. This chemical is wide glorious for being:

  • Reproductive poisonous substance
  • Neurotoxin (developmental effects)
  • Endocrine poisonous substance
  • Skin irritant and allergen

Other Health Threats


Formaldehyde is understood to be a substance that is capable of dissolving in air and water. Exposure to gas will manufacture symptoms like bronchial asthma, problem respiratory, and rough throat. Individuals with chronic diseases are significantly susceptible to poisoning from this chemical.

Dibutyl Phthalate

Some nail varnish brands use dibutyl phthalate as a replacement for PHP, however, it isn’t good for your health though. As a matter of reality, it’s related to similar health risks, like system toxins and secretion or hormonal disruption.


Toluene is understood to interfere with development in youngsters yet can irritate the skin upon exposure.

Natural nail varnish alternatives

The good news is that there are firms that do reply to the findings of damaging nail varnish ingredients. There are varied natural alternatives that are safe to use and don’t contain risks of internal secretion disruption or allergies. Here are some of them:


It offers quite fifty nail varnish colors that are water-based and free or ingredients like dibutyl phthalate, mercury, toluene, wheat merchandise, and gas.


A non-toxic product!

Honeybee Gardens

It offers a good variety of colors that are water-based and freed from damaging chemicals or carcinogens.

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics

Last however not least, this brand offers toxin-free merchandise that is infused with argan oil that keeps the nails moisturized.